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Trainee Membership Portal

Give yourself an edge by providing your clients a portal to access their fitness plan, diet plan, recipes, track measurements, billing, plus more!


Sales Funnel Website

Follow Up System

Membership Portal


Tailor Fitness Plans

Tailor Diet Plans

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Trainees Track Progress

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Founder Sean Mac
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Comparing Business Models

To get a sneak peek of what we teach, let’s break down the actual numbers of what’s typically involved in the different business models.

Old PT Model:

1 Revenue Stream

Face to Face Training (Renting Space)

Face to Face Training (Renting Space)
Hourly Rate: $90/hr
Number Of Clients: 15
Number Of Sessions/Week: 25
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 10-20
Monthly Revenue: $9000
Gym Rental Fee: $300/week ($1200/month)
Approximate Profits With Hours Worked:
@ 45-55 hours per week
180-220 hours per month

Actual Hourly Rate:


New PT Model:

3 Revenue Streams

1-on-1 Online Training

Monthly Rate: $350
Number Of Clients: 15
Number Of 20min Skype Sessions/Week: 7-8 (2.5hrs)
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 7-15
Monthly Revenue: $5250
Approximate Profits With Hours Worked:
@ 10-17 hours per week
40-68 hours per month

Actual Hourly Rate:

Group Online Training/ Membership

Monthly Rate: $97
Number Of Clients:
Number Of 30min Coaching Calls: 1-2 (1hrs)
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 2-9
Monthly Revenue: $4850
Approximate Profits With Hours Worked:
@3-10 hours per week
12-40 hours per month

Actual Hourly Rate:

Semi-Private Face-To-Face Training

Rate Per Session: $40
Clients Per Session: 4
Number Of Sessions Per Week Per Group: 3
Number Of Groups: 4
Weekly Revenue: $1920
Number Of Hours Worked: 12
Number Of Extra Hours Worked: 5
Monthly Revenue: $7680
Game Rental Fee: $200/wk ($800/month)

Approximate Profits With Hours Worked:
@17 hours per week
68 hours per month

Actual Hourly Rate:


(Instead of training one on one, go for semi-private where you can. On average, a client will be able to train with you 3x/week for $120. Easy sell.)

Summary (Without Semi-Private)

Total Hours Worked: 13-27/week Total Monthly Profits: $10,100

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