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Top 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2019 - 1-on-1 Business Consulting from Top Rated Internet Marketer NetProfit Expert

Top 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2019

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2019

Top 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins


In the modern world, technology drives everything. From our homes to business, technology has its roots deep in our everyday lives, and it has transformed the way we live, shop and do business. Due to the growing online industry and the number of Smartphone users increasing day by day, every business needs to have a robust online presence to reach out to its customers across the globe. And what better way to establish your online presence than an impressive website, with the seamless design which makes it easy for your customers to navigate.

Today, almost all of the best websites are powered by WordPress; according to a survey, more than 30% of Websites are powered by WordPress, as WordPress has swept the Internet. With the help of plugins, creating a WordPress website has become easy. There are hundreds of plugins available for WordPress, each adding better functionalities, with impressive features. These little additions to your website can do wonders for it. WordPress has amazing plugins which enhance the functionality of your website which is the reason why WordPress plugins are excessively used. As there are hundreds of WordPress plugins available, deciding upon which ones are best for your website can be difficult. In this article, I’ve listed the top 10 WordPress plugins which are must have for any website:


1. Akismet

When you need to control the spam messages on your website, Akismet is your go-to plugin. Akismet is an anti-spamming plugin. It is used to protect back end of websites and blogs. It holds off the spam comments on your website. It can process and analyze data in real time from millions of websites. This plugin also provides status history related to each comment. This can be used to judge whether the comments are legitimate or spam. For personal blogs, Akismet is free, however, for commercial websites; a monthly plan has to be bought. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/

2. Contact Form 7

This plugin provides you with the ability to manage multiple contact forms comfortably. Contact Form 7 integrates into a page or post with the help of shortcode. A simple markup can help you quickly customize the forms and emails. Additionally, it supports CAPTCHA and similar functionalities, Akismet and Ajax powered submission. This is a very useful plugin for commercial websites and personal blogs. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

3. W3 Total Cache

It is a very popular WordPress plugin used for caching purposes. It enhances the user experience and the overall speed of each webpage. W3 Total Cache also reduces the loading time of the website  and optimizes the performance of the website. It also features page cache, browser caching, database caching, and object caching. This plugin will get you a better rank and high traffic with more conversations. It integrates with CDN- Content Delivery Networks. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/

4. Yoast SEO

SEO optimization of your website is very important and cannot be stressed enough. It is crucial for the success of your website. An SEO optimized website will rank higher in search results, which will lead to a high flow of traffic to your website. If your website is not ranked higher in search results, your customers will have a hard time finding you online. With Yoast SEO, the SEO of your website’s content can be managed easily. When you write your content, make sure to look for a green light, this will ensure that your content has a strong keyword resonating with what people are searching; you can view the snippets of your search results as well to get an idea of how it will look. This plugin is one of the best SEO ranking plugins used by a lot of popular websites. It helps set the Meta description and keywords of your content. It also helps to create readable and simple content. Additionally, it also gives you the suggestions on improvements you can make for a better rank in search results. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

5. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin is very useful, and it helps big search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google to index your site with the help of a special XML sitemap. This plugin is extremely useful as it notifies all the search engines that you have new content to post. When the plugin is activated, it creates an XML sitemap for your site. This sitemap enables search engines to view the structure of your website and rank it in search results easier. This plugin is extremely helpful in increasing the ranking of your website. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/

6. MonsterInsights

This is probably the best Google analytics plugin which is available for WordPress today. It lets you connect your WordPress with Google Analytics account so that you can learn about your site visitors right away. As an example, you can find out what kind of people are interested in your website and services that you offer, which services are liked or appreciated more by your customers, where are more of your customers based, what is the first thing they do when they land on your website and so on. Your entire website’s important data will be displayed to you in one place, from your WordPress dashboard. Additionally, you can also track your WPF forms with the help of the add on. You can see submissions, conversations, for views and what not with the help of this amazing plugin. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/

7. BirchPress

Online booking is a basic requirement when it comes to service-related business. One of the main functions of such websites is to allow the customer to book appointments for the services that you offer. This plugin is best for maintaining your appointment forms. It helps you to create different forms including the booking form, schedule booking, and accepts online payments. With it is easy to use interface, anyone can use this plugin with ease. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/birchschedule/

8. Jetpack

This is a power packed plugin which has a bundle of functionalities to offer for your website. They include increased visitor engagement, improve social sharing, and improve security and spam-free comments. This is a must-have plugin that every website should have. It also creates sitemaps which allow the indexing of the website so that search engines can index your website and rank it higher in their search results. It is a freemium plugin which notifies you in case of any issue immediately and constantly monitors your website. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/

9. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

It is probably the best social media plugin available for WordPress. Social media integrations are essential when you want to reach a wide social media audience. Things like social sharing, share counts of a post and pages can be added with the help of this plugin. It supports all the major social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-social-media-icons/

10. WooCommerce

If you are looking for a plugin to transform your website to an online store, then WooCommerce is the plugin for you. It is the official e-commerce WordPress plugin. It offers many features which include shipping options, store performance reports, store management functionalities, and more.

This plugin requires some getting used to. But once you are comfortable with it, it provides the best functionality for your E-commerce website. Here’s a link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/


The plugins mentioned above are the must-have WordPress plugins for any website looking to be popular and successful. All of these plugins have different functionalities, and you can adjust according to your business and site needs.

We'd love to hear your experiences with any of these plugins or if there may be any others you recommend and why. Comment below!


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